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Integration in the New Energy

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Integrity – Feelings and thoughts

Life underlying pattern
Dualitet, Karma and Reinkarnation

Life Patterns and control patterns

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Light university

The new energy paradigm shift

The integral quantum consciousness

Man's transformation processes

Integrity - build power

The illuminant

The multi-dimensional human

Championship - Ascension - Creation

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Annual cycle of Incorporation of the New Energy

A series of lectures - workshops

My annual cycle is for them, who want to promote and enhance their own development The New Energy and open up many new avenues to experience life.

An annual cycle in the new energy is for you, who wish to work more in depth with yourself and gain a greater understanding of the new energy in yourself, while integrating the.

You also get the advantage of getting support in a group through a whole year.


the course is a dynamic experimental annual cycle which is about integrate the new energy - the new Earth. The time now places great demands on us all about innovation and change. It is not just about acquiring new knowledge, but to integrate and live this knowledge, so it becomes wisdom.


My work foundation is all about we evolve to become - conscious creators.

We do this by using new tools, given the new energy, to promote human evolution.

I use new methods of healing, I use the past gated tools

channeled after 1990 and after december 2012.


via detach, reprogramming and activations will restore your inner magic, create a higher level of consciousness and discover a new and deeper multi-dimension in yourself.


The work is about gradually give slip on it 3. and 4. dimension…

And open on for that 5. dimensional and multi-dimensions.

This is ascensionvejen.


We should integrate the New Energy and be multi-dimensional people, living in the 5. dimension.


This is done partly through afprogrammering and reprogramming and through activations.


We must dare drop our old anchor of beliefs.

We shall strengthen our new anchor, which is the connection to our Higher Self.


The steps are as always : Knowledge - Ability - Being

Knowledge comes through lectures.

Skills through workshops and activations.

Together, they create a new Being.


We must prepare ourselves for the upcoming new quantum leap - ascension, taking place around 2038.


themes: The new energy paradigm shift – Removing and deprogramming of the Old Energy – Man's transformation processes - Quantum Biology – The integral quantum consciousness – The illuminant – The multi-dimensional person - Championship; Ascension; Creation – Kvantehealing; Self Healing - Integrity.


Course starts regularly.

They may be held anywhere in the country.