The World's Course

The World's Course. Human Rights The world. Hope

birgitte_bog-world price 480x622Published 12 – 12 – 12

World Course is partly a historiebog, in the debatbog og in the spiritual bog. Brief presented world history since World War II and the events related to the time right now. The spiritual information explains then all these events and points forward to the New Time.
The book describes the 3 phases of the transformation process, that will lead us into the New World and Time. I år 2013 we are now started on the third and final phase, that will bring an awareness Renaissance, where human hitherto unused creates potentials activated.
The book is written to give Hope to all who fear this time with all its processes of change. "The world is low. It all goes to hell. It's clean Armageddon "So says many pages. Just we open the TV or newspaper so teeming with bad news.
Fortunately, my world differently! Everything is very good! In my opinion, we are moving towards a better world!
So if you need to Hope, needs a new vision of, what is going on in the world right now, then read this book.
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