Kryon's Teaching

Kryon's Teaching, Parables and Metaphors

Kryon learn is a collection of Kryon parables and metaphors.

Kryon's TeachingKryon is a spiritual entity that conveys messages about the Great Change and the Earth. Kryon tells about the great development potential mennesket version 2. This potential is expressed through a comprehensive awareness Renaissance, which man undergoes from year 2012 and up. Kryon learn conveyed us in a loving and uplifting way with the promise of an imminent future Peace on Earth.
Often contains messages a parable or metaphor, which in some strange way makes it easier to understand the message.
Parables are divided into themes:

The transformation / The Great Shift
The new energy impact
New understanding of being human
The purpose of life
Karma: The meaning of suffering and sorrow
Man's new tools; medskabelse og synkronicitet
The new human multidimensionality
Man's relationship with angels / our guides
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